About Us

Sealtite Insulation & Slabjacking began with 2 young men in high school who had a dream and the opportunity to purchase some spray foam equipment and start a business. So in January 2004 of their senior year Mclane Steidinger and Jeremy Leman formed a partnership, took out a loan and started the journey of entrepreneurship. They didn’t pay themselves for the first 2 years, putting all the profit back into the business to pay off debt and upgrade equipment. Then finally, after 6 years of hard work they hired their first employee, Rod Bahler, a good friend of theirs from High school and purchased a location on Route 24 in Fairbury where they still are today. In 2011 Mclane decided to sell out and go work with his Father-in-law’s family business, Stoller Case, so Jeremy became the sole proprietor. Rod is still with them today as head of operations. They have grown each year and now run 3-4 crews every day and have added more insulation products and slabjacking services to the company.

Jeremy gives God the credit for the success of Sealtite. “We have certainly done our best to do good work, take care of our customers and attract good employees but God has definitely given the increase and blessed our efforts. We have a tremendous team here and I can’t take all the credit for putting it together.”

Jeremy Leman

Pat Batta
Master Installer

Kyle Todd

Gary Wykes

Jesse Leman
Master Installer

Tom Martin

Rod Bahler
Operations Manager

Josh Brown
Master Installer

Wendy Zimmerman
Office Manager