Durability Meets Agriculture

Barnseal® polyurethane spray foam insulation is for use in agricultural applications. Two variations — high-density and medium-density — are available depending on your specific needs. Both formulas were developed for use in poultry, dairy, equestrian, and farm and ranch applications where high performance is required at a lower cost.

Barnseal MD

R-value = 6.8 @ 1 inch Density = 2.1 lb/ft3

Barnseal HD

R-value = 5.9 @ 1 inch Density = 6 lb/ft3

Specific Agricultural Formulas for Specific Needs

Both formulas provide an air-tight seal, improved temperature control in barns and other ag-related structures, and can be applied quickly. Barnseal MD (Medium-Density) is most commonly used for fruit and vegetable storage facilities, barns, stables, horse-riding arenas, dairies, and other buildings where a high R-value is necessary. Barnseal HD (High-Density) is most commonly used in poultry houses, as it is a more durable substance that is not damaged by chickens and turkeys pecking at the foam.

  • Enhances ventilation control
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Minimizes potential for mold and mildew growth
  • Increases production from livestock
  • Non-biocide darkling beetle control

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