Lifetime Warranty

LIFETIME WARRANTY: For as long as you own the residential property Sealtite Inc. warranties any resettlement beyond 1/4″ as long as the concrete has been in place at least ten years (fully settled soil) and all cracks are sealed by Sealtite. Sealtite will re-lift ONE time during the warranty period, any areas that have resettled more than a ¼”, at no cost.

Commercial, Industrial and Municipal warranty is one year.

This warranty is VOID if cracks and joints are not sealed or if backfill is not maintained along the slabs involved or if resettling occurs as a result of flooding or other acts of God. This guarantee does NOT include crack repair, sealant or patching done by Sealtite.

Water draining off structures or downspouts near concrete slabs, ponds overflowing or broken sprinklers can result in settling not covered by the limited warranty.

Sealtite is not responsible for landscaping, damage to plumbing or electrical, CRACKS IN SLABS, floor or walls or any damage which has occurred or might occur as a result of the settling or concrete lifting process.