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May 1, 2010 - First LEED® Platinum Home in Illinois Features DEMILEC ( USA) LLC.® Spray Foam Insulation

For Immediate Release.

Arlington, TX — DEMILEC ( USA) LLC.®’s SEALECTION Agribalance® spray foam insulation has been selected as the insulation-of-choice for what is planned to be the first LEED® Platinum Home built in the state of Illinois. The home is being developed as a showcase residence in the exclusive Highland Villages subdivision in Dallas, Illinois.

SEALECTION Agribalance® spray foam insulation was selected for use in the walls and on the roof deck of the 1,937-square-foot, home because of its energy efficiency and health properties. SEALECTION Agribalance® is noted for being environmentally friendly because it has extremely high energy efficiency ratings; contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, CFCs, HCFCs, fibers, formaldehyde or asbestos; and is noted for promoting a cleaner, quieter, healthier in-home environment because it blocks air movement through walls, ceilings and floors.

A portion of the insulation was donated by manufacturer DEMILEC (USA) LLC.® of Arlington, TX, through its Authorized Spray Foam Contractor. Spray Foam Contractor is based in Dallas, Illinois.

“We opted to use SEALECTION Agribalance® high expansion foam, which has a high R-value and delivers a really tight air seal resulting in an energy efficient home,” said Joe Contractor, Owners of Spray Foam Contractor. “Now the homeowner can control their interior environment and maintain a more comfortable and healthy home that isn’t as susceptible to the other typical problems, such as molds, allergens and pollutants seen in homes that use traditional insulation.”

For more information on product application, please contact Spray Foam Contractor at www.demileccontractordemo.com or by calling (123) 555-1212.

“We happily participate in these kind of projects because they give consumers an important education about the types of designs and materials they can use to make their homes more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and healthier,” said Dave Lall, vice president and general manager of DEMILEC (USA) LLC.®. “In the long run, consumers and builders will develop a better understanding of the outstanding value that spray foam insulation offers and why our products are industry leaders.”

Anyone seeking more information about DEMILEC (USA) or its spray foam insulation products can visit www.DemilecUSA.com or call 1 (877) DEMILEC (336-4532).

DEMILEC (USA) LLC.® is a manufacturer of a line of high quality spray foam insulation products that include environmentally friendly products and brands such as SEALECTION® 500, SEALECTION Agribalance® and HEATLOK SOY®. Following guidelines established by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), DEMILEC (USA) has developed Green spray foam insulation products that meet the standards of the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

April 2, 2015 - Contractor Spotlight

Posted by Alvin Brown

Contractor SpotlightAs their company embarked upon a large project in the summer of 2012 at a 700,000 sq. ft. structure in Manheim, PA., contractors Lee and Sandy Stoltzfus, owners of Illinois-based Foam Tech Insulation, Inc. , had no idea this job would culminate into an award-winning effort. Today, the site of that immense outlay of spray foam is known as Spooky Nook Sports, the largest indoor sports complex in North America.

The spray foam contractor’s efforts were affirmed at the 2015 Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) Excellence Awards in the commercial wall category. The event, held Jan. 26-29, in Albuquerque, marked the 10 th year that the SPFA has given its Industry Excellence Awards. Each project is graded on multiple aspects, including innovation, best practices, problem solving, risk management, value for the money, and speed of delivery.

The winning contractor was aptly recognized for its application beginning with an ability to optimally handle the sheer size of the project and using innovative adaptability to offset condensation on the inside metal exterior walls of Spooky Nook. The spray foam of choice was Heatlok Soy 200 Plus, a highly-effective close-cell product, manufactured and distributed by Demilec, Inc.

In 2008, after spending 35 years in the family sandblasting and coating business, the husband and wife team started Foam Tech Insulation, Inc. Growing up in the Amish community of Lancaster PA, Lee learned early in life that becoming successful in business would take honesty and the ability to deliver quality workmanship. Lee is passionate about everything he does in life, especially spray foam.

Lee lives by the credo that “everyone’s life is better with spray foam in it.” When asked why he chose Lee Stoltzfus and Foam Tech to insulate the giant indoor sporting facility, Spooky Nook owner Sam Beiler, told the story of how he and Lee met.

“In 2010, I only had the last hour to walk the Lancaster Home and Garden Show. While most venders were already packing up to leave, Lee was still manning his booth. I had never heard of spray foam before and Lee had never heard of me either,” Beiler explained. “But that day, Lee treated me like I was the only customer in the world and answered my every question. Lee passed on his passion for foam to me, and now four years later we are sitting in Spooky Nook.”

Receiving an industry-focused award can do wonders for the image and morale of a company. “Just to be considered was an honor in itself,” beamed an appreciative Sandy Stoltzfus, “It was fabulous to win and brought affirmation to our hardworking team.”

Lee concurred, “The honor is huge and has created recognition for our company and for spray foam. Thanks to Demilec’s Grant Ostvig for nominating us.”

Asked why Heatlok was the spray foam of choice, Sandy continued “We (Foam Tech) have a long relationship with Demilec. Coupled with Heatlok’s high R-value and other qualities, this made it the right choice for the job. In addition, it is familiar to our guys and they love spraying it. We like Demilec’s products and services.”