Why Spray Foam

A. EFFICIENT: Spray foam is proven to be 30-50% more efficient than conventional insulation. Why? Because it is sealed tight! Think about it, if you have R-13 fiberglass insulation in your home (fiberglass is what furnace filters are made of) and air is flowing through it, is it really insulating your home?

B. COMFORTABLE: Because spray foam is air tight and eliminates drafts, it makes your home a much more comfortable environment. No more cold north rooms in the winter, every room will stay the same temperature.

C. LOWER COSTS: You can expect a 30-50% reduction in your utility bills. Think about it this way: You will only have to pay for spray foam once, and then it pays you with savings for the rest of your life… even while you sleep you are saving money! Or, you can choose a cheaper up front cost and use conventional insulation and pay extra every month for the rest of your life. You decide.

D. HEALTHY: Once again we see the benefit of having insulation that is air tight. If you don’t have cold air blowing through your walls then you won’t have dust and allergens coming through your walls either!

E. GREEN: Our spray foam is green for a number of reasons. 1. It saves energy. 2. Our products include recycled plastics and soy oil in them, in 2014 our supplier announce they had recycled over 300 million plastic bottles! 3. Our products have been recognized as Green Approved Products by the NAHB Research Center, and Certified Green Products by Eco Logo.

F. QUIET: Choose open cell spray foam to help stop noise from penetrating your house while you sleep. Do you have a pesky neighbor dog that barks all night? No problem, and no more ear plugs.

G. MOLD & WATER RESISTANT: Choose closed cell spray foam and add an additional layer of moisture and mold protection in your basement or crawl space. Mold will not grow in foam for 2 reasons: it is not a food source for mold and mold needs air to grow so it will not grow in foam. Also, when sprayed thick enough closed cell foam is a vapor barrier which means it won’t even let water in a gas form (vapor) penetrate through.